Saturday, 22 October 2016

Be You, Tea Full

I wake up, stroll to the kitchen and turn the kettle on. As I wait for it to finish with a quiet ding, I sleepily prepare my morning cup of tea. Placing the tea leaves in a strainer the smell of cinnamon, cardamon and aniseed surround me, calming me. 

My morning ritual is my meditation. A period of 15 minutes where I am by myself and enjoying the small things that life has to offer. The world is quiet, the rest of the house is asleep and I just sit there and watch the sun rise with my cup of tea. Perfection.

Hoping to share my love of tea with you, below are several of my go to teas throughout the day,why I love them and a range of health benefits that they offer. 

After reading this, I hope you too start your day with a delicious pot of beautiful tea. 

Benefits: It is made from a blend of aromatic herbs and spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg that contain antioxidants and phytochemicals known to reduce the risk of certain cancers. The antioxidants and phytochemicals within Chai tea benefit the immune system, gut health and facilitate energy production.
I love: My dog is named after this tea, that’s how much I love it! The best way to drink it is by brewing a wet chai mixture over the stove, with soymilk and a dash of honey. Delish!

Benefits: It improves digestion, reduces pain, eliminates inflammation cures bad breath and aids the immune systems. Mint tea is the perfect cuppa to sip on when it’s that time of the month as it eases nausea and stomach cramps.
I love: A warm cup of peppermint tea is my go to when I am feeling nauseas or off in the stomach. It also aids digestion, which makes it the perfect ‘after-dinner-mint’ to help relax and unwind after a big meal.

Benefits: It promotes sleep, eases stomach-aches and can help in calming muscle spasms. This non-caffeinated herbal tea is the perfect solution for people looking to relax, unwind and enjoy a cosy evening ahead.
I love: drinking a hot mug of chamomile tea right before bed to relax me and put me straight to sleep. My only problem is that I always wake up in the middle of the night busting to go to the bathroom (eek).

Benefits: It contains lots of antioxidants (catechins) and nutrients that are said to boost the metabolism, aid weight loss and improve brain function. Catechins are an important antioxidant present in green tea, known to assist heart disease, cancer and overall cell damage.
I love:  I would say that green tea is an acquired taste, one that has not come so easily to me. Due to green tea’s well-known benefits I do try and drink it several times a week however it has nothing on a scrumptious pot of chai.

Benefits: The liquorice root has long been used to treat ulcer like symptoms, digestive problems, heartburn and upper-respiratory ailments.  Liquorice root can however cause several side affects when used for a long period of time. 
I love: I regularly drink a liquorice tea infusion that contains only 44 per cent liquorice root. I am obsessed with this tea at the moment as it has the perfect combination of sweet, spicy yet subtle flavours.

Benefits: Made from the same plant as green tea, black tea assists in lowering cholesterol as well as containing caffeine to give you a burst of energy throughout the day. Perfect for people like me who are trying to stay away from coffee.
I love:  A slug of boiling water and a dash of milk is how I like my black tea. Everyone is different, but this bad body gives me an extra oomph of energy I need to get up and attack the day ahead.

What is your favourite type of tea? Share below

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