Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Under Wraps

I often wear various types of headwear to accessorise my outfits. Whether that be my favourite Brixton fiddlers cap, a beanie when it’s freezing cold or a jewelled headpiece for fancier occasions. My obsession with headwear accessories is endless.

 One of my all time favourite accessories has to be a headscarf. There are so many amazing, unique things you can do with a simple scarf that can turn the most casual of outfits into a stylish ensemble. The versatility of a scarf allows you to make brilliant fashion statements by experimenting with colours, patterns and materials to create unique designs. 

Whether you want to go for an easier version and pop on an already formed styled turban, or you are open to creating your own unique look, a headscarf is the perfect accessory to make you feel beautiful, unique and classy.  

*Please note that I have the upmost respect for those who wear turbans or scarves as a part of their religion or culture. This post in no way tries to demean the cultural significance of headwear, this post is purely to demonstrate various looks that can be achieved with a scarf as a fashion statement.

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