Wednesday, 15 June 2016

You are the difference

So, far we’ve been told where to be and what to do every second of our life - everything we have ever known our whole life has been outlined for us. If we try to break out from this - we are disciplined. We have created a system which runs us, although we don’t rule the system anymore, the system rules us. 

So now we are trained to be fearful of being different. The funny thing is we are all so different, yet we are all trying to be the same, not out of choice but out of fear. So where are we now? We are at the end of our schooling life and what paths do we have laid out ahead of us? University or a job… nothing else. That’s it. Anything else isn’t supported or allowed. So we decide what the outcome of our life will be at 17 years old.

So where to next? Well this is the real catch - I am willing to offer you 3 million dollars - but here comes the truth no one wants you to know, or they hope you will overlook. I’ll give you 3 million dollars but you have to give me 50 years of your life. You wouldn’t take it and I doubt many would. So then… why do you? You accept what you’re told and you get a job, you work for an average wage for the rest of your life and then you realise you’re now 67 years old. You have a little bit of money saved, but your life expectancy has increased dramatically. You can’t retire so you work another 10. You are now 77 and are thinking of retiring. You check your savings and see what you can spare each year until you are 90. You are just surviving, for the rest of your life.

Now you’ve reached your final few hours. You’re on your death bed and if you are lucky, you are surrounded by your family. You are so thankful of all the times you had and the family you raised. This is the pure joy of life and the whole point of it. In your last few hours you realise, you spent 90% of your life, living in your office, worrying about paying for your bills, scared of speaking out for fear that people may ridicule you. So ultimately you’ve spent your life fearful. Fearful of what might happen, what might not happen and what has happened. 

We believe we have choice, but we don’t - but you don’t know this. The world is being run to profit the few and deny the many. Your whole life you have been tricked into idolising things which are in fact of no value to the human race or this planet. But you think if you achieve money, social status, becoming better than your neighbour, you’ll be happy. You’re lying there in tears because you realise that the only time you should have been comparing yourself to your neighbour was to see if they were in fact okay. You then realise you are still stuck in this mind frame they bred into you. You shouldn’t have only focused on your neighbour but on the planet and everything on it. We have a responsibility to the planet to take care of it and give back more than we take, but we are out of balance. The planet is dying and so are you and you realise there is nothing you can do about it. Your time is running out and you look back and realise that you never completed your life purpose. Then you remember that you’re not dead yet. With what little energy you have left, you write a small but powerful note to those who have not been awakened.

So what will your note say?

The person who wrote this wonderful piece is Em Carey and she has encompassed all I am feeling in several paragraphs. I have been reading it over and over again. Continuing to ask myself, what will my note say? 

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