Thursday, 30 June 2016


Walking down the street I feel like I see the same outfit over and over again just on a different body? Come on ladies and gentleman, what happened to a little personality? Some individuality, spunk or a bit of vavavoom?

I will admit that I used to be just like you. Spending ludicrous amounts of money on clothing that is on ‘trend’ and will only be worn during that one season. I was a sheep; I fit the Type A stereotype, blending into the crowd along with all the other trend followers.

What I am trying to say is, it is time to step outside of the comfort zone of looking like everybody else and start wearing what you like. This is how style evolves and trends begin. Someone steps outside of the Type A box and decides to mingle with Type B or Z. 

My favourite place for one off finds - garments that carry that “I have travelled the world” feel and trinkets you know have been buried deep inside an arctic cave – is an op shop.

Ok, initially I only started perusing op shops because I was poor. Having just moved out of home into the big city, late night cocktails on the regular and yoga classes that cost an arm and a leg it was hard to splurge on gorgeous Zimmermann dresses calling my name.  At first I was apprehensive, but with time, patience and a whole lot of sifting I soon found the joy and love in op shopping.

If the cost of recycled clothing isn’t the first bonus please note that most clothing in op shops will not be found in mainstream clothing stores. Aka you are already setting your own one of a kind style. Secondly, all the funds go to a good cause. So instead of putting forward your hard earned cash to workers slaving away in a sweat shop, your money is helping a charitable fund.

Below are several pieces I found during my recent op shop adventures. In total I spent $69 and bought 2 dresses, 1 sloppy joe, three pairs of shorts, a necklace and a hat. Can anyone say value for money? I have put together three flat lays of some of my purchases and I will be sure to keep you updated on my op shop adventures.


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