Thursday, 26 May 2016


I was wearing one of my favourite op shop finds - a pair of paisley print bell-bottoms. Yes I know, 2015 was the 70’s fashion resurgence and flares were the new in thing then but, to me these flares aren’t a trend but a staple. They have been sitting in my wardrobe way before bell-bottoms became fashionable (again) and have made many appearances throughout the years. This is because I don’t believe in following seasonal trends; I dance to the beat of my own drum and wear what I feel, and these my friends resemble exactly how I feel.

Many would call them a fashion atrocity; I would refer to my bell-bottoms as pants from the gods. 

Daring, carefree and bright.

My late night cravings for liquorice tea led to an impromptu photo shoot in a local supermarket, terrible dancing and strange glances from onlookers. I was in my element.

For those who love the look of bell bottoms or flares, try teaming them with an oversized knit for winter comfort or pair high waist black flares, with a tucked in cream blouse, a boyfriend blazer and high heels for a fancy work ensemble. My personal favourite is a light washed denim bell bottom teamed with an off the shoulder gypsy top, a pair of Lennon inspired round glasses and chunky jewellery.Oh me oh my sooo good.

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