Tuesday, 3 May 2016

I Am Water

I travelled for an hour to find myself on the outskirts of a forest. I walked aimlessly along a well travelled dirt road, over hills and across broken land until I stumbled across this sanctuary. I finally reached my destination and it felt like I had reached home. 

I stood on the edge of a rock cliff looking down on the cascading waterfall. The large pool of water called to me as it has always done. From my earliest memories I can remember feeling a strong connection with water; so fluid, so strong, so powerful. 

I have a great fear of shallow living but a great depth and desire to be more than what I am. Like water I am a contradiction of so many things. Water can move mountains but it can also destroy cities. Its beautiful but terrifying, strong yet fluid, it can cleanse life yet so easily take life. 

I am a water being, I feel connected to myself and to mother earth when I am embodied in the element of water. I close my eyes and I float, my body is weightless, my mind is clear and I am home. 

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