Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Flower Power

I have never been one to shy away from extravagant head pieces, often accessorising with over the top flower crowns and bejewelled hair wreaths. Combined with my love for craft and anything DIY means that I am constantly creating things to pop on top of my messy head of hair. 
Since I don't believe in buying things that I feel I could make myself welcome an abundance of subtle yet daring flower crowns made for the every day gypsy goddess.  

I will upload a step by step soon on how to make your very own flower crown but for now just stare at the lovely Fin frolicking in the forrest in vintage gowns and hand made flower crowns. 

Just remember life is beautiful and so are you.

Model - Fin
Photos - Sarah Lynch
Flower Crowns - Fox and the Fallow 

Thursday, 26 May 2016


I was wearing one of my favourite op shop finds - a pair of paisley print bell-bottoms. Yes I know, 2015 was the 70’s fashion resurgence and flares were the new in thing then but, to me these flares aren’t a trend but a staple. They have been sitting in my wardrobe way before bell-bottoms became fashionable (again) and have made many appearances throughout the years. This is because I don’t believe in following seasonal trends; I dance to the beat of my own drum and wear what I feel, and these my friends resemble exactly how I feel.

Many would call them a fashion atrocity; I would refer to my bell-bottoms as pants from the gods. 

Daring, carefree and bright.

My late night cravings for liquorice tea led to an impromptu photo shoot in a local supermarket, terrible dancing and strange glances from onlookers. I was in my element.

For those who love the look of bell bottoms or flares, try teaming them with an oversized knit for winter comfort or pair high waist black flares, with a tucked in cream blouse, a boyfriend blazer and high heels for a fancy work ensemble. My personal favourite is a light washed denim bell bottom teamed with an off the shoulder gypsy top, a pair of Lennon inspired round glasses and chunky jewellery.Oh me oh my sooo good.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Kiss it better

I feel messy, dishevelled and utterly unprepared for life at the moment. It's funny how one moment you can feel so on top of things, so ready to attack everything the future has in store and then next minute your a crumbling heap of insecurities. 

I am currently fighting of some hideous virus that has knocked my body for six, and apparently taken my self confidence with it too. For the last week I have been holed up in bed sleeping, blowing my nose with aloe vera tissues that now feel like sandpaper and coughing up both lungs. I haven't exercised, the only thing my body wants is sugar, fat laden foods and to be honest I am feeling slightly sorry for myself. 

I think I hit an all time low this afternoon. I was home alone, my nose was driving me insane with its constant river of snot, my eyes were weeping constantly from the infection they too had contracted and I had recently developed and ear infection. *Insert pity hugs here*. I looked in my bedroom mirror and saw someone so unhappy with their current situation, a slob in fact who had let the last week get the better of them. I felt soft, overweight and downright ugly. 

It is weird how a few days of being out of routine and not living my normal happy, healthy lifestyle knocked me for six. I called my mother, aka my sanity, in a sobbing mess feeling truly miserable and sorry for myself. 

I still don't feel happy, something that I really dislike but I am going to have a night to myself, breathe, play guitar, weave and write. Do things for myself that do not involve my physical appearance or my health.  Things that make me happy. I will go to bed shortly and who knows I may wake up tomorrow still feeling shit and your know what, that is ok. I'm taking each day as it comes at the moment - shitty moments and all. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Winter Warmer - Pumpkin Soup

It may not be every ones cup of tea, but the good old faithful pumpkin soup is hard to pass on a cold, rainy day. I've recently been battling a temperature and a sore throat so I thought what better way to nourish my body then with a bowl full of pumpkin and sweet potato. My pumpkin soup recipe is so healthy and filling making it my go to, quick, easy and oh so delicious winter meal.  

1 1/2 Sweet potato
1/3 large butternut pumpkin 
3 cloves of garlic 
Coconut Oil 
Vegetable stock
Pinch of cinnamon 
Pinch of nutmeg

Peel the sweet potato and pumpkin. Cut into small pieces. 
Scatter the sweet potato and pumpkin on a baking tray. 
Peel the garlic cloves and add to the baking tray. 
Drizzle with coconut oil and pop into the oven at about 180C
After approximately 40 minutes the sweet potato and pumpkin should be soft and fragrant.
Once soft, add the pieces to a large pot. Pour in vegetable stock and add cinnamon and nutmeg and place over heat. 
Bring to the boil and cook for approximately 15 minutes.
Once all flavours have combined and heated through, take the pot off heat. 
Leave to cool for a little bit.
Once the mixture has cooled, use a blender or thermomix to blend into a smooth mixture.
Serve with a sprinkle of spring onion, cheese and a dash of sour cream (if you aren't vegan).

This is the type of meal that I make up on the spot and don't measure. So if you are after more flavour add extra cinnamon and nutmeg, cook the sweet potato and pumpkin with onion or add more vegetables to the mix. If you want a thinner soup just add more stock or water to the mix and this will add more moisture to the soup. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016


You may have noticed intricate, often colourful woollen wall hangings decorating the interiors of design blogs and home magazines. The textile art of weaving has made resurgence and it is being used to create beautiful pieces of wall art.

I recently attended a course to hone my weaving skills so I too can start creating my own magical, woven masterpieces. For 8 hours I did not leave my chair (that was a little white lie, I did for toilet purposes). I sat all day building my own loom, threading my loom and playing with bright, textured pieces of hand dyed wool. I was engrossed. I think my partner even tried calling me several times and texting me several more, with his final text saying ‘I’m worried, can you just let me know that you are ok?’ Silly man, does he not realise that weaving has now replaced him? As I was sitting there all I wanted to do was finish my current wall hanging, buy some wool and start creating a new one.

I used my hands to thread the wool through the loom, creating knots, carpet textures and braids. I loved that I wasn’t surrounded by technology, that I was getting back in touch with myself, my artistic mind and the use of my hands for creation. It was beautiful to be so captivated by something so natural and calming. I have difficulty meditating for half an hour but sitting and weaving for hours on end put me in a very meditative state.

It was interesting to see the colours, patterns and texture’s each person used to create their wall hanging. More often than not, the colours chosen by each individual to weave with were very similar to the colours they were wearing. It comes back to that theory that we dress and wear colours depending on how we feel that day. I think the same theory can be translated across into art.

I will stop rambling on about my obsession with weaving for now, but keep an eye out for future posts as I will be sharing my creations with you very soon. Here is a sneak peak below.