Thursday, 28 January 2016


I could not love you if you could not understand.

I could not love you if you could not understand that your skin colour does not define who you are. If you are white, black, caramel, yellow, red or any other colour you have been blessed to be. Embrace it. Love it. I have been fortunate enough to never experience racism first hand. Friends of mine have. A male friend of mine with darker skin told me he wanted to scrub his skin off so he could be a better person. My heart died hearing him say this. For anyone else thinking the same please hear me when I say - WE ARE ALL EQUAL. You are beautiful no matter what skin colour, race or religion. If someone tries to put you down for your beautiful skin colour that radiates over your entire body they are not worthy of your time. Just because I have pale skin does not make me better than you. Just because you have darker skin, in know way makes you less than me. We are both one in the same.

I could not love you if you could not understand that all love is the same. It does not matter if a person prefers the opposite sex or the same sex. It does not make them different, it does not mean they need a label to define them - the love you give to another human does not define you. The love we give to another human is the same no matter if it is male or female. If I love a woman that does not mean I am confused. If a male friend of mine is in love with another man that does not make him disgusting, or weird or 'gay'. He is still the exact same person he has ever been. He does not need a label to define him, to shape him, to condemn him. All love is equal whether it is between a boy and a girl, two men or two women – heck lets throw an orgy of sexes in the mix. It does not matter.I could not love you if you were racist, sexist or homophobic. 

I could not love you because I refuse to love someone who empowers the oppression of others. Who demonise's and marginalises other beings for having a different skin colour, belief system or for being born a certain sex. I see each and everyone one of us as equal, if you cannot than I am sorry.

All images are by Eleanor Landford

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