Saturday, 14 November 2015


Liberate yourself from the past.

I think the past can often define an individual. I am not saying that it should or that this statement applies to each and every single one of us but it is easy to let a moment, a person or a series of events hold you back.

I think as a sensitive and emotional person I am often pulled into the past – a flashback of thoughts or moments that cannot be changed. They often consume and drown me into a sea of sadness that is extremely hard to pull myself out of.

I find that getting caught up in things that you cannot change is often poisonous to the soul. The past is something that is solid, untouchable – a piece of time that cannot be changed (unless you are a time traveller and if you are can I please join you on some adventures).  If that is the case why do we often let these thoughts control us? Why do we often dwell on those moments, people and events that we cannot change?

I catch myself thinking about this quite frequently. If we all just lived in the present moment – the here and now – how would we feel? Whenever a friend is stressing or in need of some advice I always come back to this one statement, ‘in this moment, right now, what is there to be unhappy about?’ If you actually think about this statement in a very literal sense, most of the time you are in quite a healthy, happy space. As I sit here typing I am alone in my bedroom drinking wine and listening to tunes. There are so many elements of my past that I could be upset about and so many elements of my future that if I over analysed would cause me great anxiety. So if I focused on this exact moment what is there to be unhappy about? Absolutely nothing.

Often we are upset about things that have occurred or things that we think will occur, but never about the present moment. If I were crying right now it would not be about something that is happening, it would be about something that has occurred. Whether that be two minutes ago or two hours ago…. It is still in the past.

I guess what I am trying to say in this very long winded and possibly confusing rant is that I want you to focus on you. Not who you were or who you are going to be but you right now. Focus on that beautiful person right now because I can assure you that majority of the time this present being is happy, healthy and going to be alright.

So lets live in the present. Not the past, not the future but this gorgeous, special moment you are in right here, right now.


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