Friday, 23 October 2015

Indoor plants are my everything

I love the visual affect greenery brings into a room. I currently have five various ferns scattered throughout my room with hope to keep adding and adding to the collection. Granted I have sourced specific plants that do not require much care as I am quite the forgetful gardener (sorry little ferns I promise I will water your fine selves tonight). 
I love the energy plants bring into a room. A fresh, open and outdoorsy feel to what would otherwise be a room containing four walls of plasterboard. They are vibrant and fresh (when I remember to water them) and add so much character to a space. 
I sound deeply in love with my plants, which isn’t far from the truth. My roommate caught me watering them in the shower the other day and singing to them as I did it. I won’t lie; I was having the time of my life.
I cannot see my obsession for indoor plants disappearing anytime soon, especially hanging plants. The more the merrier I say. So here is some interior porn containing oh so delicious indoor plants to get me through this very dull Friday afternoon. 


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