Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Kaleidoscope Eyes

We see what we want to see. It may sound harsh but sometimes we look for the imperfections or the mistakes, the filth on the street and the negative in ones personality. We see it because we are looking for it. To some this may look like vandalism; hideous markings of spray paint covering a building. To me this is art. This is expression. This is a culture. 

Generally I am trying to escape the city; rebalance and find myself within nature. This last weekend i didn't venture to the nearest woodlands instead I wandered the streets of the city. I escaped to the footpath, to the rhythm of my own footsteps pounding on the pavement. I was searching for a distraction, something new to fill my mind and thoughts with.What I found was beautiful women peering at me from the side of a building, a single eye opening itself to the world, my childhood memories splattered across bricks.What I found was walls of self expression from all walks of life. 

We choose what we want to see. I choose to see beauty and art in all things through these kaleidoscope eyes. 

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