Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hopeless Wanderer

I spent the night with a wanderer. We spoke of adventures we wished to take, moments we had never had and people we had met along the way. His hair was long, flowing down to his shoulders and his body was a reflection of his life and art. We drank beer and wandered the streets never stopping to take a breath. We strolled with purpose but aimlessly all at the same time. He was an artist a skater, a wanderer and I was just a girl with fantasies floating through her head. We drank wine and giggled till the wee hours of the morning.

I slept next to him and he pulled me close. We knew nothing of each other but yet were so comfortable. I felt at peace lying there with the wanderer. I traced the lines of his artistry etched into his skin. Each line a moment in time or a story yet to be explained. ‘Too fast for the devil’ carved with drunken abandonment on his thigh. The peace sign on his ankle a reminder of youthful thoughts and regrets. I lay there with this man - this stranger - this wanderer with youthful freedom and joy. We were just a couple of kids drinking wine and falling asleep next to one another in a moment in time that will never relive itself.

He showered and I made the bed. As I went to leave he bent and kissed my forehead. Our moment was over, an exchange of friendship between two strangers. I strolled away from the wanderer with blissful freedom, happy of our time together and wondering where he will wander to next...

Be free. Live a little. Wander 


  1. Great style! xo

    1. You are gorgeous thank you for the comment.
      If only you lived closer we could collaborate :) xx