Sunday, 23 August 2015

Current Mood ...

And I remember when I met him, it was so clear that
he was the only one for me.
We both knew it, right away.
And as the years went on, things got more difficult
we were faced with more challenges.
I begged him to stay. Try to remember what
we had at the beginning. He was charismatic, magnetic,
electric and everybody knew it. When he walked in
every woman's head turned, everyone stood up
to talk to him. He was like this hybrid, this mix of
a man who couldn't contain himself.
I always got the sense that he became torn
between being a good person and
missing out on all of the opportunities that life could
offer a man as magnificent as him.
And in that way I understood him
and I loved him.
I loved him, I loved him, I loved him.
And I still love him.
I love him.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sydney Tea Festival

Tea enthusiasts, if you missed the annual Sydney Tea festival on the weekend then boy did you miss out. I was in tea heaven. As I walked through the door I smelt cinnamon and nutmeg, fruity aromatics and baked goods. I knew from that moment forward it was going to be a good day. 

Three of my friends and I strolled through Carriageworks taste testing tea to our hearts content. Some were aromatic, delicious and moreish, others were less to be desired. Each various tea adding a story an experience to that of tea tasting. The tea stalls were a mix of various teas from green, peppermint to hibiscus, served by sexy men with beards and man buns. Scattered throughout the stalls were tempting sweet and savoury treats. I consumed salted caramel macaroons, vegan cherry ripe granola, lemon semolina bars and chocolate ganache. Any idealisations of a summer bod were out the window with zero thoughts of regret and it felt good. 

For those of you who aren't lovers of tea hopefully you got dragged along to the festival to just share in the atmosphere. I am not sure my friend was impressed when we rocked up. She saw the sign stating 'Sydney Tea Festival' and goes 'f*ck right when all I wanted was a coffee.' Bless her cotton socks. So after hours of tea tasting we took her for coffee at the end and stuffed our faces with dumplings. Oh what a glorious day 

 This my friends is a face of pure content :D 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hopeless Wanderer

I spent the night with a wanderer. We spoke of adventures we wished to take, moments we had never had and people we had met along the way. His hair was long, flowing down to his shoulders and his body was a reflection of his life and art. We drank beer and wandered the streets never stopping to take a breath. We strolled with purpose but aimlessly all at the same time. He was an artist a skater, a wanderer and I was just a girl with fantasies floating through her head. We drank wine and giggled till the wee hours of the morning.

I slept next to him and he pulled me close. We knew nothing of each other but yet were so comfortable. I felt at peace lying there with the wanderer. I traced the lines of his artistry etched into his skin. Each line a moment in time or a story yet to be explained. ‘Too fast for the devil’ carved with drunken abandonment on his thigh. The peace sign on his ankle a reminder of youthful thoughts and regrets. I lay there with this man - this stranger - this wanderer with youthful freedom and joy. We were just a couple of kids drinking wine and falling asleep next to one another in a moment in time that will never relive itself.

He showered and I made the bed. As I went to leave he bent and kissed my forehead. Our moment was over, an exchange of friendship between two strangers. I strolled away from the wanderer with blissful freedom, happy of our time together and wondering where he will wander to next...

Be free. Live a little. Wander