Sunday, 12 July 2015

You + Me

The drive was long and weary. I had not slept in days, only flickers between weariness and wide awake. I wanted to go away though; the weight of the concrete jungle bearing down on me was becoming claustrophobic. I drove through country towns, rainforests, and fields of abandonment, finally reaching you.

Lost in thought I strolled next to you. I took photos, memories, and moments to treasure. I sometimes find it easier to take an image and remember the moment through the photograph. My mind is so cloudy I find it hard to see the truth sometimes.

I smiled. I know you want to see me smile, so I do. 

My body in nothing but undergarments, I danced. Neither with style, nor rhythm but I didn’t care. I danced with reckless abandonment and you danced along with me. I felt happy. I felt me.  I smiled and it was real.

I walked with you by the seaside and I was happy.

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