Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Soul Searching

Thoughts –
Monday to Friday my life is a blur of working, eating, sleeping and exercising. These five days, unfortunately, seem to be more about existing than actually living. Therefore on weekends I need to get out. To do something out of the ordinary. I need to feel like I have lived and accomplished something for the week and on weekends I would much rather spend my time travelling and exploring the outdoors than sitting inside. So that is exactly what I do. 
I love exploring places I have not seen before. I always get over excited and awestruck by beautiful and unfamiliar scenery. It is truly amazing how stunning this earth is and I often forget that when I am surrounded by this concrete jungle. 
Recently I escaped the concrete slabs the city calls land and travelled to an abandoned railway line. The railway line has been covered with forestry and is now a magical cove of loveliness. Although it is only tuesday I am already wishing I was back exploring this wonderful world. 

Jacket - Vintage leather jacket
Skirt - Tree of life 
Top - Cotton On 

PS . In the end I went barefoot. I could say its because I am a gypsy but really my boots just couldn't handle the enormous amount of mud. For those thinking of visiting, take some gumboots 

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