Thursday, 30 July 2015


From the first moment I saw the film The Little Princess I have often fantasised of India. The opening scene of Sara frolicking in an Indian river surrounded by luscious greenery and enchanting light. Her Indian inspired bedroom with a large white canopy draped across her four cornered bed, the quilt tapestry mixed with rustic and vibrant burnt orange and turquoise colours, her walls are patterned, antique metal; a fantasy world of beauty and culture. I have often tried to live in this fantasy world for most of my life – my bedroom is a sea of mandala inspired quilts, vintage elephants, candles and incense holders.

Recently a roommate of mine returned from India and she was covered in majestic Henna art. Why I have never experimented with Henna before I do not know, but for all you ladies out there that are after some beautiful, magical and inspiring body art (that is not permanent) than henna is for you.

It is a very simple process. For those who haven’t done it before and are a bit nervous draw a rough outline of the pattern/image you want so you have a tracing line. You can use either white or brown eyeliner.  After that it is super easy, follow the eyeliner trail with the tube of henna. Once the pattern is complete let the henna dry for at least half an hour. I left mine on overnight, as I wanted to make sure it would definitely stain my skin. The next morning I got a butter knife and scrapped the hardened paste off. Voila all done.

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