Monday, 6 July 2015

Charlotte's Web

Her name is Charlotte…

I picture you as this intricate web that I will never see, nor do I think I want to. With the rise of the sun I imagine you glistening in the morning light, the silver threads dusted with morning dew. He gazes up at this masterpiece as he once gazed upon me. A look of wonderment, adoration and love; I don’t know what hurts more the fact that I know what you will have or that I know now what I will not have again.

I was the autumn leaf that fell too far when the seasons changed. I was there for a while, a small piece of beauty in a bigger picture, but that picture like many things had to change seasons. Maybe if I had held on a little tighter I could have made it through the winter, made it through so that I could bloom again in the spring. Maybe you could have waited or I could have been stronger. Maybe I could have done a lot of things but I am left with what is and what has been.

I felt the summer sun during the hottest of days; the bloom of flowers in the coming of spring and the ever-changing colours of life in autumn, but the time was forever changing. I couldn’t hold on any longer and as this once beautiful leaf fell from the tree it was swept up into a gust of wind. From above I can see now that you are content gazing at her silver threaded art, so I let the wind take me. As I move I can still hear the haunting whisper of her name reverberating through my mind. Her name is Charlotte, you say.

Photography by Jack Grayson, click here for more images. 

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