Saturday, 13 June 2015

You are my sunshine

I was trying to take some pictures recently but I got camera shy so I instead focused all my attention on the little smoosh by my feet. Needless to say he is far better looking than I so he probably did deserve the limelight.

I recently visited my home city to spend nearly a month with this little guy and his mother. It is incredible to think that you can love another human being so much when he isn’t even your own child!  

I am so thankful for what he has brought into my life, he has been the driving force behind rekindling a deep love; admiration and happiness with someone whom I never thought would play that type of role in my life. She is now one of the most beautiful people in my universe and I could not imagine life without her. 

After ten long years of being distant and apart, after a year of new life, I love you more than is humanly possible

To my Smoosh and Betty


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