Thursday, 4 June 2015

Double Denim

I have been away over the last few weeks relishing in the love of my family, the feeling of contentment being back home and the inner peace I have experienced escaping reality for a little while. I've needed time to remove myself from the four walls of my mind and go venture back to my true self. 
For a while there I had forgotten who I was. I now return home happy, loved and alive.  Im back with a galaxy of energy and happy to say that in this moment I love the person I am. Here is to being your own individual, crazy selves. Love yourself and the universe will love you back.


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  1. Her thoughts were inward. She tried to connect with others but was too self conscious to do so, she despised this fact forcing her to move deeper inside as a coping mechanism. She wore masks that she thought no one could see through, yet everyone could see through forcing her to hide deeper inside. It was in here that she felt she could have complete control and be the pure wholesome creature she wanted to be. On the outside she went through all the motions, said the right things, copied those who she aspired to, denied herself of impulses. All this for the hope of an image. The problem is, it was all a mask, And everyone can see through our masks. Yet she'd lost the ability to see through others, but more importantly, she'd lost the ability to see through her own.
    I would make a bet that the real, instinctual and impulsive girl underneath isn't a pure white stag; I would go as far to say that she is far better than that: Chaotic, dark, energetic, witty, creative. Yet she chooses to imprison herself and represent herself with the unoriginal soulless crap above. I never really did see who she was despite spending so much time together. maybe one day she'll lift her mask and let others love her for who she really is.