Wednesday, 20 May 2015


I am constantly searching for inspiration and motivation, regularly scrolling through pages of novels and websites for people, places and things that stimulate me. Last week I was doing just that and came across health and wellness blogger, Caroline Groth. I get so excited when I come across someone with a love of life, a deep honesty for hardships but an overall positive energy; Caroline is all of those things and more. Oh and did I mention her love for my favourite meal of the day, breakfast?!

I spent the day scrolling through each post, ‘stalking’ her Instagram, envying her amazing outlook on life, epic food posts and loving all the thoughts she cared to share with her followers. There was one Instagram photo (I can’t remember what it looked like probably some amazing photo of her in a tricky Yoga pose or of her delicious breakfast), anyway, the photo was followed by the following caption:

'I used to dislike being sensitive. I thought it made me weak. But take away that single trait, and you take away the very essence of who I am. You take away my conscience, my ability to empathize, my intuition, my creativity, my deep appreciation of the little things, my vivid inner life, my keen awareness to others pain and my passion for it all. Love who you are and every little bits that come with it'

This one post connected with me immediately as I am one sensitive soul. Like Caroline, I hated being sensitive and often viewed it as an extremely negative attribute to have, that was until I read this! I can say with complete honesty that yes sometimes I am WAY to sensitive, but her words made me take on a different approach towards my sensitive nature. Instead of viewing it negatively I could now see that this one trait did provide me with so many other things that I overlook. My empathy for others, my intuition into how people are feeling, my love for all things, my ability to understand and my passion for love and life.

I was dumbfounded that a single paragraph could change my whole outlook on the person I am. This has taught me to always keep my mind open to knew interpretations and everything can be made into a positive, we just have to see it that way.   

Check out Caroline's blog Greener Resolutions, and please note all images were taken from her personal Instagram which can be found here.

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