Sunday, 3 May 2015

Food: Kale Chips

Whilst your friends are snacking away on cholesterol filled potato chips, try snacking on these bad boys. Kale chips are delicious! Trust me. 
I actually don't like Kale to eat in salads or to add to smoothies, I find the flavour too overpowering. Kale chips on the other hand are crisp and delicious - cooking the kale and coating it in herbs seems to take away the strong flavour of the Kale. A healthy snack that will get rid of those savoury cravings.

Coconut Oil

Grab the Kale and slice along the edge of the stem. remove the stem so only the leafy part remains. 
Cut the Kale leaf into chips size pieces
Toss the Kale leaves in a large bowl with coconut oil and various herbs and spices
Place evenly on your oven tray and cook in the oven until nice and crispy
Now they are ready to eat

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