Saturday, 25 April 2015


I loved you. 
But they say love is pain.
Love is not pain, love is, 
brilliant, enchanting and magical.
Pain is betrayal, disappointment and 'being left behind'

I was the love and you were the pain. 
I would have done anything
but you chose to do nothing. 

I recently went on a road trip around New Zealand. I was there to celebrate the joining of two people in love. At the same time I was trying to move forward from my own broken heart. 

The trip was amazing and I could not be more overjoyed for the happy couple. For the time I spent in New Zealand I forgot about myself and enjoyed the love and happiness of others. 

I have since returned home and have continued spreading and feeling all of these amazing vibes. I think because on the outside I appeared like I was moving forward - I was happy and healthy - everyone just assumed that I was fine. I hadn't spoken about my last partner I hadn't even looked at a single image or video however, everyone was thinking it was because I was strong, that I had removed all of the negativity he caused… To be honest it was just because I didn't want to relive anything. Why would I talk, look, reminisce about someone who broke my heart? 

Don't forget that to love is to experience something amazing. If that person does not treat you with the love you deserve in return, it is still ok to want them. To love them. To think about them. I knew I deserved better so I moved forward as much as that hurts. It may break your heart, but you will be ok. There is so much joy in the world do not stay waiting for someone to love you when there are others who already do. So instead of reminiscing over someone that is no longer apart of my life, I am going to reminisce on some amazing memories.  

Here is a snapshot of my time whilst trekking around New Zealand.  

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