Monday, 20 April 2015


I choose a life where I chase moments and not things. I am passionate about self-care, self-love, practising happiness, meditating, nourishing my body and being active. 
I do this for me.

Gifts are not material things but experiences and adventures that I will cherish for a lifetime. My life will not be a collection of Knick knacks, but a library of memories.

I am passionate about self-care and self-love as my body is the only vessel I have. Love it or hate it, this is who I am and what I look like. I choose to take self-care so that I can be at my healthiest at all times. I choose self-love because if I do not love myself how can I expect others to love me in return.

I say ‘practice happiness’ because it is not something that comes naturally. I practice happiness in moments of darkness and pain. Accepting negative circumstances, breathing them out and trying to make a positive of each circumstance.

I meditate for my mind. To reconnect with myself and my body.

I nourish my body with wholesome natural foods. The earth offers us so many wonderful nurturing products to sustain our bodies. I try and eat as much unmodified, organic fresh food as possible. The earth feeds us and when we die our bodies feed the earth. It is the circle of life.

I am active for my heart, body and mind. I will not let my own choices make me unhealthy – I strive on a daily basis to be the best, healthiest version of myself possible.

I do this for me. These are not rules or guidelines but my way of life. 

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