Wednesday, 8 April 2015


As I gazed around at the 30 people waiting for the morning train I counted no more than three people not staring at a screen. Children waiting with their parents to go to school being entertained by an IPad, couples holding hands – not talking or laughing – but staring at their own mobile phones.

Yes, technology has become a way of life now and I will admit that there are many times when I am glued to my phone or computer, but I think our lives are racing by with our fingers or eyes taped to a screen.

Take a step back and recognise how much of your day is spent in front of some form of technology. Do you work at a desk staring at a computer for nine hours on end? Are you constantly on your phone texting, on Instagram, Facebook even calling people? Have you replaced flipping through the thin paper pages of a novel for a Kindle because you find it more convenient? Is your relax time in front of the TV catching up on the latest terrible reality TV shows? If you stopped and thought about how much time you spend staring at a screen you would be horrified.

I had this revelation several months ago and now I make a consecutive effort every day to try and be present. I wander the streets listening to what the world has to offer me without the distraction of my phone. Whether it be the hustle and bustle of the morning traffic or the quiet eeriness and chirping of birds at 5am. I like to shut myself off from the world, explore and get lost in my own mind. Even as I wait for my morning train I enjoy sitting and reading a novel mesmerised by the words of someone else not staring at my phone aimlessly.

Be present. Enjoy life. Don’t let time go by staring at a screen. 

Now I couldn't help but put in some behind the scenes photos of me having a Little Mermaid moment and just being down right ugly ;) Have an awesome week. 

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