Friday, 3 April 2015

6ft Sexy

I was attending a friend of mine’s gig on the weekend and due to the colder autumn weather I decided to rock a tight pencil skirt, a crop and a pair of leather boots. I will note this pair of black boots have a slight heel and are comfy enough to jig all night in – therefore not insanely height enhancing at all.

Before I begin I am not a tall woman, averaging 5’9’ without shoes. Apparently I was wrong. As I gazed around the bar that night I noticed something slightly wrong, I was taller than 95% of the people in that room. In that moment I could hear one voice reverberating through my mind and it was my old roommate saying ‘you are a huge bitch’. Now, now before we get cranky over the comment he was purely referring to my height not at all my weight (I know how we women think).

So as my friends and I make our way to the front of gig I am acutely aware that I am probably blocking everyone’s view. I am that behemoth, with huge hair, at the very front of the concert that everyone wants to throw tomatoes at. Apologies if any of you were one of these people. 

After about five minutes of self-consciousness I completely forgot my giant ways and danced the rest of the night away, but it got me thinking about the things that make me feel awkward with regards to my height.

I will never feel petite. You know in movies where the man is romantically carrying the woman into the bedroom or she has fainted and he picks her up because she is a cute delicate little thing. Well, just so we are clear that has never happened. It is more likely that I am picking the man up…. Oh to be petite

Heels, a woman’s best friend. I love them.  Yes they may make your legs look like a Victoria Secret model however it is extremely difficult to find a man your height or even taller whilst wearing them. 

My parents or flatmates can vouch for this one - when I walk out of my room dressed ready to go somewhere, someone will always go ‘aahh is that a dress or a top?’ Yes I always look a bit skanky but I promise it’s not my fault clothes just aren’t made for long legs and short torso’s.

At the end of the day I'm usually complaining about the fact
that I'm not tall enough! I will stop complaining because I
can reach pretty much every cupboard and have zero
difficulties looking over the crowd at festivals or concerts.

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