Thursday, 19 March 2015

Food: Overnight Oats

In the mornings I like to get up early to exercise and meditate; awakening my body and clearing my mind.

Usually by this point my early morning start has flown by and I am frantically throwing clothes on, racing out the door to catch my morning train. Therefore, I need a breakfast that I can grab and take with me; something easy, simple, filling but oh so delicious. 
Overnight oats are the perfect remedy.

½ cup of oats 
½ cup of milk
½ cup of yoghurt
Tbsp. Chia seeds
Tbsp Honey

Grab a cute mason jar and pour the oats, milk, yoghurt and chia seeds inside the jar. Stir until thoroughly mixed through. Place in fridge overnight ready for breakfast the following morning.
When ready to eat top the jar with fruits, nuts, seeds and or coconut shreds. Super easy, super quick and super delicious.

Hint – I use plain Chobani yoghurt (my favourite) as it is extremely high in protein and low in sugar. If you can’t handle the tartness of Greek yoghurt add a little bit of organic honey to your mixture. That way you will get the benefits of protein packed yoghurt and the sweetness that is in normal sugar ridden yoghurt. For those of you lacking in the fibre department I also occasional add All Bran Flakes. Your bowels will love you ;)

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