Sunday, 1 March 2015

Blank Space

People come and go and we feel loss. People betray us, and we feel hurt, small and invisible. We think, how can I love and care for someone so much, and how can I put so much energy in and be betrayed by them? It happens to everyone in his or her lifetime… multiple times.

People do shitty things to good people; it has absolutely no correlation with ones worth. None.

Think about all the beautiful humans in your life who have been betrayed by someone they liked, loved, cared about. Can you make any connection between that persons worth in accordance with the reasons they may have been betrayed? Not at all, its life. People can be selfish. People lose their way. People act for themselves and in doing so hurt others.

And just as we can be hurt, we’re capable of hurting others too. Unfortunately that’s human nature but its also necessary… we have to take those occurrences and make a judgement based on them, as to whether we deem that person worthy of being in OUR lives. That’s the service to us that betrayal provides, so we can weed out the shitty ones.

Know that you are worth so much and everything you have to offer is not measured by the amount of times and people by whom you’ve been hurt.

Thoughts from the road...


  1. God you are amazing!!!

  2. Agreed. Beautiful writing. Beautiful woman.

  3. Beautiful, chin up girl.

    1. You are all beautiful creatures. Thank you for the support xx