Friday, 13 February 2015

Working 9 − 5

If you are anything like me and you sit behind a desk all day you could actually be doing your body a lot of harm.

According to an article from TIME there was a large analyses done involving both men and women of varying ages, that showed ‘people who spent more hours of the day sitting were more likely to develop a host of health problems.’ These health problems ranged from diabetes, obesity to even Cancer. This got me thinking about how much I actually sit and the amount of harm I might be doing to my body.

Here is my ‘sitting day’ in a nutshell. From the moment I leave my front door and catch the 40 minute train and bus ride to work I am sitting. If a seat is available I will grab it without a second thought and plonk my small booty down on that cushiony comfort. From the bus stop to my work is approximately a two minute walk and then I am back to sitting again. I will stay in this position for the majority of my working day exerting the same physical activity as a sloth. When I leave I am again sitting on some form of public transport.
Home time usually equals relax time. This involves sitting down enjoying a delicious meal, having a glass of wine with gfs (obviously sitting), blogging or laying down and reading. Even as I type this I am mentally going through how much I sit and it is making me quite terrified.

From the information I have gathered through both the article in TIME and having watched an amazing TED talk by Nilofer Merchant called Got a meeting? Take a walk,  our bodies burn as little as 300 calories during work hours because of the sedentary nature of sitting. Compare this to a pre-school teacher who is constantly on their feet, getting up and down. The active nature of their job alone will burn approximately 1300 calories. By sitting we are slowing down our system not to mention our metabolic rate (oh no stay away obesity).

Now that I have officially panicked myself into sitting hysteria, it is time to implement ways to improve my sedentary work lifestyle. This is hard because I generally don’t like to make rules that say I have to do this and I can’t do that. However, for the sake of my second persona, aka a sitting sloth, I will make some exceptions. Here is what I plan to do: 
  • Exercise regularly in my lunch breaks. I don't care if it is a stroll for an hour catching up on workplace gossip at least my body is up and moving about
  • Filling my body with wholesome, healthy foods. Even if my body is sedentary at least it is being nourished. Be gone sloth.
  • Instead of taking the elevator two floors down, stairs will become my best friend.
  • Finally I am going to try and implement a standing desk into my work space. For a minimum of an hour a day I will work from the standing desk just to get out of the regular habit of sitting all the time 

There are so many other changes I can make but for now I will try and stick to these four beauties. Even now the concept of taking the stairs instead of my old friend the elevator is not too appealing. Wish me luck.

Love from Sitting-sloth-soon-to-be-standing-goddess

Photos by the ever gorgeous Eleanor Landford Photography and Design

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