Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentine's Day

I think a lot of people get quite down around Valentine’s Day (V day) especially if they are single or don’t have anyone to share it with. In turn, V Day also tends to apply a lot of pressure on couples to go above and beyond the norm; putting their love on a pedestal for everyone to see. I also believe that as partners we should be spontaneous and express our love for each other regularly, but I also see no harm in celebrating V Day, even if it is just one big marketing scheme. Just gives us yet another excuse to spread dem love vibes ;)

To me, Valentine’s day is a day about celebrating love, not necessarily about romanticism. I will also admit that I have never celebrated or had a partner celebrate V day with me, so I figure this year why not get a little bit lovey dovey. I may not have a man but I have some pretty amazing girlfriends. So ladies put on your sexy lingerie (keep it M rated please you dirty old thangs) come over to my place and we shall wine and dine each other. Now I know this sounds like an episode of The Real L Word, but I think it will be cute to sit around feeling sexy and celebrating all things in the name of love.

In saying that, if the man of my dreams rocked up at my front door with a bunch of sunflowers and was like senorita we are going on a picnic, we shall drink wine and eat cheese, frolic on the beach and swim naked… well I’m not going to say no. So ladies, there isn’t a high chance, but if the above scenario does occur I may have to cancel our slumber party. I’ll keep you updated.


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