Wednesday, 4 February 2015

DIY - Button Art

I was scrolling through Pinterest, as all amazing people do, and I came across this picture of an animal outline made completely out of buttons. Now I will freely admit that I am not a woman of many talents, but I looked at this photo and thought to myself I could probably do this. Oh confidence aren’t you a brilliant thing! So with this new founded self-assurance my button project began.   

  • Buttons – I bought a bag at my local op-shop for some ridiculously cheap price
  • Canvas – obviously a base to create ze magic on
  • Glue – Someone suggested sewing the buttons on. Really? Firstly that would be extremely time consuming, secondly I am really not very good at anything involving the word sew and thirdly glue is easy to use plus he accommodates for my lack of skills.

Ta da! Three products, less than an hour of artistry and you can pretty much call me Van Gogh. Enjoy.

Ps I painted Ray Charles a while ago when I was OBSESSED with him. Yep, I am still lusting over my own artwork. 

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