Thursday, 26 February 2015


Have you ever been craving the soft, buttery texture of a croissant but wanted that sweet, flavoursome goodness of a muffin? Look no further as a genius bakery in San Fransisco has created the Cruffin. Move over cronut, 2015 will be the year of Cruffins.

Cruffins are yet another hybrid treat to grace our presence and can I say what a genius invention. Ever since I came across Cruffins (43 minutes ago to be precise) I have now scoured the internet in search of a patisserie near me that makes them. Who honestly could resist the combination of both muffin and croissant? Not this foodie!

Originally they were the invention of a baker in MrHolmes Bakehouse in San Francisco, adding to their already gorgeous array of pastry treats. Since their menu changes daily I cannot tell you the various flavour creations they have made but I will go by a quote from one of their customers which said we should ‘run, don’t walk to this place, it is beyond amazing’. The same customer also made mention of a coconut rum raisin cruffin. GET IN MY MOUTH. Needless to say multiple foodgasms are occurring.

Sydney Patisseries I am coming for you. I need to get my hands on one of these sugar coated, fluffy pastry cruffins and I mean asap.

All pictures sourced from Mr Holmes Bakehouse

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