Thursday, 22 January 2015

Just a memory...

My heart broke a little this morning when I received some news that someone very close to me is no longer a part of my life. It is so weird to think of how much you have shared with someone whether they be a friend or a partner and to go from such intimacy, trust and nothing. There is such a harsh change between loving someone and losing someone.

Not being able to see them, speak to them or pop over to their house to watch random sci-fi netflix; memories of skinny dipping, museum adventures, late night coast walks and midnight wedges feasts are no longer something of warmth and comfort but something that you wish to forget. Its sad this idea of someone who once meant so much to you merely becoming a memory…

When one of my girlfriends found out she told me that I am allowed half an hour to feel sorry for myself - so cry, yell do what you want but after that no more self-pity, pick yourself up and move on. People come and go and if they aren’t willing to stay in your life than they aren’t worth being a part of it. So remember that the next time someone doesn’t see your worth that you are amazing and if they cannot see that then it’s their loss not yours. 

Tomorrow is a new day, but for now let me have my half an hour. 
Stay beautiful.


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