Tuesday, 27 January 2015

fRiDgE tO fRiDgE pArTy

Yesterday I attended a fridge to fridge party. If you are wondering what this is, it is similar to a pub crawl but you go to your friends houses instead of pubs. Each house is stocked with alcohol and everyone either has a scooter or a bike and we mission around close suburbs going from house to house. Let’s just say not many people were riding their bikes by the time we were getting to the last house as we were all slightly too intoxicated to even ride them properly.

I hope everyone else’s Australia Day was as entertaining and exciting as mine. If it wasn’t, be glad you aren’t sitting at work nursing a severe hangover.

I am like a new born Giraffe, all limbs no balance. My gf was trying to teach me how to ride a scooter. Lets just say she failed. 

For those wondering what I am wearing:
Dress - Tree of life
Rings - Spell designs, Tree of Life and Balinese Markets 
Necklaces - Spell Designs and personal
Lace Bra - Cotton On

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