Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Bad Habits

Brushing teeth

Now I know brushing your teeth is normal and healthy, however I am one of those weird people who brushes their teeth all the time. And I mean all the time. Every time I eat, consume a beverage or  if I am stressed out, I go and brush my teeth. I’m a weirdo I know.
The other day after my fifth time brushing my teeth I thought this is absolutely ridiculous. Firstly I am going to damage the enamel on my teeth and secondly my gum is going to start wearing away. Operation save my gums and enamel has begun.

I am the worst at shaving my legs. My current partner thinks I’m an absolute feral because I can go weeks, ok let’s not lie months without shaving my legs. In my defence my hair is blonde so you can’t see the hair until I walk into the sun. I am like Edward off twilight my hairs glisten in the sun, so really my partner should be amazed that I am pretty much a vampire. However, for his sake I think it is time I start making the legs a little smoother because no one really likes prickly legs. 

Since I started full time work I find that I curb exhaustion with cups of coffee. Now I’m not saying that coffee is bad for you but it is making me paranoid about my teeth. As vicious cycles go this in turn makes me brush my teeth more which effects habit no.1. Ah first world problems. Sorry to say coffee but you are going to have to go.

Passive aggressive

Yes, I am one of those terribly annoying people who says they are fine but inside they are fuming. I feel very sorry for my friends, family and partner because it would be so irritating trying to get me to communicate when they know I’m upset. So I have decided to just get angry and let the emotions go instead of bottling them up. Be prepared loved ones (jokes, kind of).   

Saying yes, but really being a no man
Last but not least I need to stop pretending to be a ‘yes man’. For example I always say that I will come out partying with friends and when the time to get ready and go out I always bail. I don’t mean occasionally I mean always. So I either need to stick to my original answer and go out, or be honest and say from the get go I am just not interested.

PS. Im just going to point out that I have a HUGE head. 

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