Saturday, 24 January 2015

50 Shades of Grey

A friend of mine, who I met several months, ago invited me to a party last night. I didn’t know anyone attending (yep I was the loner who turned up by herself) but I thought screw it I’m young why not. Now when I say friend it is more like an acquaintance; he is a guy that I met whilst house hunting a while back, needless to say I did not know all the ins and outs of his life.

So I rock up to this party and I start chatting away to one of his friends who randomly asks me ‘so are you one of [let’s call him Matt] Matt’s companions?’.  I must have given him a very blank look because he sort of mumbled something and walked off.  So I quickly go off in search of Matt because now I am royally confused as to what this companion business is.

We are in the kitchen and I don’t know how else to approach it so here goes nothing. ‘Are you a…umm…how do I put this… Well you know the book 50shades of Grey… are you, well hmm…. What’s a companion?’. He sort of looks at me for a moment, head tilted to the side and lets out a chuckle, ‘are you asking me if I am into S&M? I thought you knew, but yes several of these women are my submissive’s’. 
What do you say to that? From memory I think I said something like ‘oh good’, not because I was judging him but because I had never been exposed to such things. Firstly I think good on him for being experimental and finding out what he likes sexually, secondly I think I was standing there thinking oh gosh I hope I wasn’t brought here to be a companion, my boyfriend will kill me!’.

For the rest of the night I danced, drank and chatted amongst these awesome people, the whole while imagining some sort of Christian Grey fantasy in my head. Don’t worry, the fantasy was the most 50 shades it got all night,it felt like I had walked straight into the lines of a book - I won't lie I was kind of loving it. 

Now, firstly I should apologise for the rude graffiti but I thought these images were slightly appropriate considering the topic of discussion. Also, these images were taken at night with an old phone thus why they aren't very good quality. I like it though, gives a very rough, street vibe to it all. Oh and the lady above is the sneaky minx who took the snaps.


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