Sunday, 11 January 2015


As soon as the New Year’s Eve festivities are over I always get bombarded with the same question, what is your New Year’s resolution? 
I don’t believe in the typical ‘I want to lose weight’, or ‘I’m going to become a better cook’, I think if those are things you want, then strive to achieve them daily. Don’t wait for a New Year to make you start achieving them.

For approximately nine years now I have been struggling with several illnesses that have impacted my life in varying degrees. I have lost people I have loved, I have treated people poorly due to my own hang-ups and I haven’t enjoyed this amazing life that has been given to me.I refuse to let this be an excuse or a hindrance for myself or anyone else anymore.

Therefore, my New Year’s resolution is not something that will gain me momentary happiness but something I hope will last with me through my lifetime. So here is my goal for not only 2015 but for many more years to come.

Do not just exist… Live.

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