Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Recently returning from an overseas adventure I felt enlightened, nourished and bursting with stories to tell family and friends. The freezing cold Australian winter wasn't enough to slow me down, I had tasted the travelling bug and I wanted more. More adventures, more stories, more cities to be explored, food yet to touch my tastebuds and more moments to be experienced. I was on a high. 

The only wee little, tiny, minuscule problem was that my suitcase was not the only thing to expand in weight and width. Low and behold as I went to try on my usually comfortable pair of jeans they would not do up. When I say they did not do up I mean I had to pull them past my calves, squeeze them over my thighs up onto my voluptuous hips only to be confronted with a big wide gap from where the button and button hole should be doing up nicely. I think it is safe to say I may have gone overboard on the exquisite foods of Tuscany. Cheese and wine anyone? 

So here I am munching on an acai bowl, contemplating my next meal of chicken and broccoli accessing how to get my pre travel body back. Well what better way to start my healthy journey than with a little bit of training. Preparation and persistence is key, so lets stick together and reach our own versions of perfection :) 


Pictures sourced from: Pinterest, b-o-d-y-b-l-o-g, Instagram, mslbingle, lornajaneactive, daynalouca and tumblr 

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