Sunday, 23 June 2013


Less than two months ago I was accepted into a fashion school in Florence to study Fashion events and Public Relations. As you can imagine I was beyond excited and stressed that I had 8 weeks to plan, finalise and save for my newest overseas adventure! As I started to plan my next escapade I started to think why not arrive earlier and see a bit more of the world? So right now, after weeks of anticipation and expectation I have finally arrived safe and sound in Baden, Switzerland.

As I type this I am sitting in the backyard of a friend’s house in Switzerland over looking the Swiss mountains eating cheese and bread baked fresh from the oven. It is 9pm and the weather is still hot and the sky is still light. I have escaped the freezing cold that is Canberra and am now sitting in the oh-so-beautiful and warm surroundings of Europe.

Once I have finished absorbing all Switzerland has to offer I will be travelling to Berlin, Prague and Milan. I am most excited about Berlin and am buzzing to get there. After I have experienced all there is to experience in these amazing countries I will meander my way to Florence to divulge myself in all things fashion. I am so excited to be offered this opportunity to not only study abroad but to experience diverse cultures, foods and a different way of life. I shall keep you updated on my adventures, until then

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