Monday, 5 November 2012


If I were to describe my own personal style it would be comfortable, slightly boho with a twist of feminine gypsy chic. My arms and hands are always adorned with an array of vintage bracelets, large chunky rings and the ever-present leather band with stones dangling around my neck.

I usually find it very difficult to find clothes that inspire me, stay true to my own personal style and are unique and different.

Until recently!!!!

My gf introduced me to a brand that has created clothing I could only dream. For days I have been drooling over their look book wishing that their entire collections were sitting, waiting in my closet for me. As soon as my next pay comes through I will be spending it all on the magical clothing from Stone Cold Fox.

Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand are the creators behind the brand Stone Cold Fox, and from what I can tell, have made clothes that they themselves would want to wear.  Their website states that they take their inspirations from ‘the delicacy of vintage clothing and seeks to make it fresh again. Stone Cold Fox thrives to be comfortable, easy clothing that fits various body types, while remaining timeless.’

There unique designs, soft textures, drapery and lace textiles are most definitely my kind of style. For any of my friends, you know where to look now for presents


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