Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Im currently OBSESSED with lush celebrity weddings, parties and events! If i ever host a party I hope it looks half as good as these party set ups.

Friday, 24 August 2012


You know what it is like when you sleep through your alarm and you are now running super late for uni, work or that coffee date you have had planned for weeks. There is no time for breakfast or a shower, but as you open your closet doors it dawns on you... What the hell am I going to wear?
The panic sets in and the thought of going to any engagements becomes the last thought on your mind. As you sift through the mess that you call your wardrobe, you find little to no inspiration. That is when you find that simple, yet elegant white blouse; or that statement blazer that makes any ordinary dress just pop. 
Plain and simple is key. So the next time you are stuck for an outfit, try a casual deep v neck tee, your favourite pair of jean and a boyfriend blazer; teaming it with a bold watch or chunky necklace. You will look effortlessly chic!