Tuesday, 14 February 2012

roses and hearts

Valentine’s Day. A day where your man or woman is supposed to shower you with love and affection! For women this comes mainly in the form of gifts such as a dozen red roses, delicious chocolate, sexy lingerie and or a fancy dinner. For men, it is a little simpler. Valentine’s Day is a sure way of getting sxc time, if he is in a relationship that is. Win win situation.

 Valentine’s Day is a day, celebrated every year, in which couples have an excuse to become soppy romantics, divulging in their deep love for one another. And the one day single people feel, well, single. However, couples get one day a year to celebrate their love. If you think about it single people get the other 364 days, or in the case of this year 365 days to celebrate being independent, free, sexy and happy. But then again I am one of those singles, so I may just be trying to make myself feel better....

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